Closet Consultation with Karen Snow

What if the only thing holding you back is what’s in your closet?

Can you get out the door in no time looking fabulous?


Some clients are minimalists. Others prefer more choices to support their diverse lifestyle. Make your closet your personal boutique, with room to breathe. Where everything is visible, within reach, well-lit, and easily organized.  Let Karen show you more ways to wear your cherished pieces than you ever imagined.


In closet sessions, you will have the opportunity to eliminate anything that no longer serves you. Move wearable items toward someone else’s closet who will be delighted. Consider consignment. Or donate items to your charity of choice, allowing you to make a difference for others and live more lightly on the planet.

Types of Closet Work

and Minimize

Taking on a closet-clearing project may feel like an overwhelming task. Considering your lifestyle, colors, and style makes the process much easier. Karen will evaluate what you love, what you never wear, and all those pieces in between. You’ll discover what to pass along, what to update or alter, and how to organize the items you keep.

Your Closet

Before you buy another thing, make the most of what you have. Your in-person closet consultation will bring a trained pair of eyes to discover fresh ways to wear the pieces you already own. This is a great opportunity to evaluate items “without friends”, and also discover what’s missing.

for Travel

Your personal style doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re on the go. Karen will help you make the best use of your suitcase space, selecting items that will keep you comfortable, stylish, and prepared for everything on your itinerary. From out-of-town weddings to exotic vacations and business trips, always dress confidently and comfortably.


Need a second pair of eyes to determine if purchases made on your own will truly be great additions to your wardrobe? Leave the tags on and save your receipts, knowing Karen has your best image in mind. Upload pictures of you in your purchases to your virtual closet or try on your items in person for her to review.


Is your jewelry box full of pieces you no longer wear? Have you inherited pieces that just aren’t you? Discover new ways to wear or restyle the best of the best and pass along the rest.

or Redesign

Does your closet design work for you or are you forever struggling to access what’s there? If you're 6 feet tall and store your shoes on the floor or 4’10” and can’t reach the top shelf, it's time to re-organize. If you can't see it, when are you going to wear it?

Shop Your
Virtual Closet

Create your virtual closet and Karen’s services become only a click away. Label and photograph items in your wardrobe, then upload them to your virtual closet. She’ll create outfit combinations based on the items you own and recommend items you can buy online.

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What To Expect

Karen’s in-home wardrobe evaluations take many forms and can be customized to meet your unique needs. These examples above are of some the ways she’s helped clients in their closets. If there’s something you need that’s not listed here, just let her know!


What My Clients Say

Karen’s closet design helped me identify and eliminate the tendency to buy the same thing again and again…

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On a trip to meet my boyfriend’s family, she assisted me in choosing the perfect outfits for each event…

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