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How to Use Your Virtual Closet

With the use of Karen’s Virtual Closet Tool, working with her online to manage your wardrobe and keep you up to date is easier than ever. Live out of town? Need an item not offered in stores near you? Wondering what to wear or what to pack? Using the Virtual Closet can even benefit local clients, by allowing you to shop and “say yes to the dress” without the drive. Keep track of what you own, what to replace, and easily see how to pair items together, all at your fingertips online.

Full Disclosure: Some of the retail links provided in your Virtual Closet may generate a small commission for Karen, which helps offset the fee she pays to provide this tool.




Your online Closet is the place to keep track of what you own with a photo of each item. During a closet consultation, Karen will take pictures and upload them, adding notes and tags to help her combine them into Looks in your Closet later. You can do this photo step on your own if you like, using the instructions and examples Karen provides.

A purchase date or upload date is stored automatically, so we know how long you’ve had an item. You can even add brand and size information. Closet photos also help identify the pieces missing in your wardrobe, which Karen can source through Finds.


Your online Finds is your very own personal boutique. It’s the place to view and purchase Karen’s specific suggestions for items that will complement and complete your wardrobe. You and she can add comments back and forth with questions about how the piece can be paired or worn best. Clicking the “details” arrow takes you to that item’s retailer to get more information and place your order online!

Shopping online from the comfort of home or work, at a time that’s convenient for you is that easy! Once you’ve tried on and approved your purchases, you can instantly add them to your online Closet for Karen to start pairing with items you already own to create your Looks!


Your online Lookbook is where Karen combines items in your closet into beautiful ensembles for easy answers to the question, “What do I WEAR!?” See complete outfit and accessory combinations, called Looks, organized into sections for your life’s varied activities. Board meetings. Date nights. Special occasions. Even that upcoming trip. Karen can create a section just for that! Once your travel Looks are completed online, all that’s left for you is packing your bag.

Never ask that dreaded question again, when you’ve got complete ensembles from your closet at your fingertips. Looks can be refreshed seasonally or annually to keep your closet current and you looking amazing!

Want to Learn More?

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